• As a child, I would read the adapted children’s versions of literary classics. I never told anybody which version I had read but everyone seemed real impressed that a ten year old knew the plot of Moby Dick.

  • Jerry Seinfeld once replied to a tweet of mine and I had a Twitter conversation with David Simon, the creator of The Wire. I am perhaps more proud of this than I should be.

  • I once tricked Newt Gingrich into signing a picture of similarly named Star Wars villain, Nute Gunray. That picture is now one of the first things that pops up if you type in “Newt Gingrich autograph” on Google images.

  • I am really good at trivia and regularly compete with my esteemed trivia team: "Caleb and His Crew." I specialize in hip hop, film, sitcoms, history, and comic books.

  • I am the oldest of five siblings. I learned to be loud at a young age.

  • One of the great joys in my life is pranking every roommate I’ve ever had, starting with my little brother. Surprisingly, I am on good terms with all of my roommates.

  • The most flattering fictional characters that other people have described me as are Ferris Bueller, Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, Ernie from Sesame Street, and Negan from the Walking Dead.

  • I believe that lists of random snippets about a person are the best way to figure out who they are.