We based this campaign around Smartwool’s Indestructawool technology that makes the socks extremely durable. Because of this, our campaign was that Smartwool socks would be outlast a whole lot.

Copywriter: Caleb York

Art Director: Jenny Ritter

Print ads. Tagline: “Your Socks Will Be The Last To Go.“

This bag would be a packaging extension that the socks would be placed in at checkout. It further reinforces the idea of the socks’ long-lasting durability. Made of a biodegradable material, the text on the bag boasts that the socks will outlast a lot, including the bag.

Another extension we had was a mobile game. An endless runner game, Super Sock Man would be Smartwool’s official game that would follow a stickman character as he tries to run and jump through various, dangerous environments. As he takes damage, his clothes, shoes, hat, and eventually skin gets destroyed. However, the one thing that outlasts them all is his socks. Additionally, Smartwool could use this mobile platform to advertise their own products during the loading screens.