Good & Plenty is one of the oldest confectionaries in America and not currently in favor with very many younger demographics. To revitalize the brand, our team opted to emphasize its uniquely bittersweet taste in a fun way.

Copywriter: Caleb York

Art Director: Haley Schrenk

Print ads. Tagline: “Sweet-ish“

Radio spots.

TV Spots.

Custom e-cards/Website. Good & Plenty does not currently have its own website. Apart from creating one in order to better streamline the process of ordering and to distinguish the brand from its competitors, this website would also have a feature where you can make and send your own e-cards. These e-cards would follow the same “sweet-ish“ pattern as the other campaigns where the initial greetings would be tempered with something decidedly not as sweet. Default templates and phrases would be provided to the user but users would also be encouraged to type their own.

haley_caleb_Good & Plenty (10).jpg

Hashtag campaign. Good & Plenty would make social media accounts who would reply and retweet various “sweet-ish“ moments and stories that they find online.

Given that movie theaters are one of the places where Good & Plenty candy is sold the most, it seemed logical to extend our campaign to the theaters, with commercials playing before a feature film and by using the snack bar area as advertising space.