Batman has a pet dog and that’s just about the coolest thing ever. Despite the obvious truth of this, there are many misguided fools out there who cannot see the inherent amazingness of the concept.

Introduced in the comics in 1955, Ace the Bat-Hound was Batman’s crimefighting partner for a few years until negative audience reaction made writers phase him out. This was a tragic mistake and I will use this platform to defend the fuzzy crimefighter.

Many of these Bat-Hound haters deride the look of the character, claiming that a dog wearing a Batman costume is ridiculous. I’d like to point to the above gallery of other sidekicks that Batman has actually enlisted in comics.

The idea that a dog wearing a cool-looking mask and cape is any less ridiculous than an eight year old wearing bright red and yellow, a teenager including high heels in her costume, and Fatman (yes this guy actually appeared in comics) is patently absurd.

Naysayers also poke fun at the idea that a dog could be helpful in criminal investigations, given his lack of opposable thumbs and mental aptitude. This is simply nonsense.

Batman’s mind is so sharp that he is called the World’s Greatest Detective. This is not a man who needs any help solving mysteries. However, sniffing out clues and tracking the scent of criminals is something that Batman’s all-too-human nose simply can’t do. If only he had a partner with a sense of smell far greater than his own. I wonder where he could find such a being…

Let’s next look at Batman’s track record with sidekicks. The first Robin, Dick Grayson, eventually turned against Batman and became his own vigilante, Nightwing. You know what animal is notoriously loyal and would never entertain such treacherous thoughts? That’s right. A dog.

His second Robin, Jason Todd, was brutally killed by the Joker. While this was tragic, Batman really should have seen this one coming. I’m not even a trained fighter but I am confident I could beat just about every eight year old in a fight, no matter how well-trained or angry they are. However, I am far less confident I could deal with a snarling dog’s claws and teeth and I am betting the Joker feels the same way.

Lastly, the third Robin, Tim Drake, was turned against Batman by the Joker brainwashing him. A dog’s brain is wired so simply that the simple promise of treats and a good belly rub would surely turn him back to Batman’s side, were he ever to become brainwashed. It is also worth noting that Batman would never have to worry about whether a crime takes place on a school night with a dog sidekick.

This website of mine took a lot of effort and love from me and I do hope that I was able to showcase my talents and what kind of person I am. But I also hope that you were able to take away the fact that Ace the Bat-Hound has been sorely neglected and mistreated by comic book fans. His potential is limitless and his talents should encouraged.

I truly believe that the mentality of outright rejecting such a unique sidekick is the mark of an uninspired person. I will always fight for the off-the-wall and fun ways of thinking that Ace the Bat-Hound is so emblematic of. If you would like to talk about story ideas that I have for Ace, my email is below.